ACRONYM Statement on Facebook Political Ad Policy Changes

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Tara McGowan, Founder + CEO of ACRONYM:

“Several months ago, we were among the first to warn that a blanket political advertising ban on Facebook would have disastrous consequences for Democrats. Weeks later, groups like the Democratic National Committee followed our lead, issuing a rare joint statement echoing our concerns. Today, we are thrilled to see that Facebook has decided against taking a “knee-jerk reaction” and instead has opted for improving its political ad transparency and consumer controls.

Facebook made the right call on this.

Unlike Google and Twitter, Facebook spent weeks listening to advertisers to better understand the political impact that any platform changes could have in an election year. Facebook opted against limiting ad targeting, because doing so would have unnecessarily restricted a valuable tool that campaigns of all sizes rely on for fundraising, registering voters, building crowds, and organizing volunteers.

As readers of ACRONYM’s FWIW newsletter are already aware, Facebook’s political Ad Library is an incredible asset for journalists and transparency advocates alike, and we are excited to see the company expand and build upon it.

To be clear, we aren’t in lock step with Facebook on just about anything – we continue to advocate for better safeguards to prevent the organic spread of hate speech and misinformation on their platform, and strongly believe they should reverse their decision to allow politicians to outright lie in paid advertising.

When it comes to digital advertising, the rules of the road have now been set, and Democrats must compete on the playing field that is before us. That means ACRONYM and PACRONYM will use every possible tool at our disposal, including Facebook, to reach voters and deny Donald Trump a second term.“

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