We’ve been betting on Arizona for nearly a year and a half, putting more resources in the Copper State than several other key battlegrounds in the final stretch. When we launched our persuasion anti-Trump program in August of 2019, our data showed that Arizona was much likelier to flip than Florida. We were right.

Some toplines:

ACRONYM (+PACRONYM) was the first outside group on the left to target Arizonans with large-scale advertising online, beginning in August 2019

This cycle, ACRONYM was the largest digital advertiser in Arizona in the presidential race after the Trump and Biden campaigns – spending on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, OTT, and multiple other platforms and streaming services.

Since August 2019, ACRONYM spent over $6.2 million communicating to over 1.04 million Arizonans online. Through our various programs, we:

  • Registered + mobilized thousands of young people of color, including targeted outreach to over 460,000 potential Latino voters in the state.

  • Reached a persuasion audience of 408,000 mostly non-college-educated, white Arizonans with tested digital ads and boosted news every day for 15 months holding the President accountable, including 245,000 voters our programs found to be persuadable in Maricopa County.

  • Engaged 277,000 low-turnout, younger Dem-leaning Arizonans in the final stretch with tested pro-Biden, pro-Harris messages and measurably increased their enthusiasm to vote.

A significant amount of our target voters cast early ballots:

  • Ahead of polls closing on Election Day, we had already seen 86,000 Arizona voters in our younger Dem-leaning “turnout” audience cast an early vote, 95% of whom were very unlikely to vote or had never voted before(!!!)

  • We also know 182,000 Arizona voters in our “persuasion” audience voted before Election Day. And we believe our team registered several thousand first time voters in the state.


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FWIW, below our team has broken down some additional online spending research from Facebook + Google’s ad libraries:

Outside Group Presidential Campaign Facebook Spending in Arizona, 

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020


America First Policies: $195,300

American Bridge PAC: $2,700

BlackPAC: $1,300

CAP Action Fund: $397,900

Committee to Defend the President: $43,200

Lincoln Project: $533,800

NextGen America: $416,800

Preserve America PAC: $284,300

Priorities USA: $909,100

Republican Voters Against Trump: $864,000

Unite the Country: $132,800

Women VOTE!: $1,700

Biden v Trump Presidential Campaign Facebook spending in Arizona, 

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020 

Trump: $6,500,000

Biden: $4,600,000

AZ Cumulative Facebook Spending – Biden/Trump (since Jan. 2020)

Final Stretch AZ Total Google Spending – Biden/Trump (Oct. 9, 2020 – Election Day)

AZ Weekly FB Spending – Biden/Trump (since Jan. 2020)

Final Stretch AZ Daily Google Spending – Biden/Trump (Oct. 9th, 2020 – Election Day)

AZ Cumulative FB Spending – Outside Groups (since Jan. 2020)

AZ Cumulative FB Spending by Group – Outside Groups (since Jan. 2020)


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