Although we initially targeted AZ, MI, WI, PA, and NC for our core anti-Trump program, in July, our data showed Georgia to be potentially flippable. We made the call to be the first outside group on the left to target the Peach State online, and this morning we’re excited to see our work – and the work of so many others – pay off.

ACRONYM (+PACRONYM) was the first national outside group on the left to target Georgians with large-scale advertising online, beginning in August 2020.

In fact, ACRONYM was the largest digital advertiser in Georgia in the presidential race after the Trump and Biden campaigns – spending on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, OTT, and multiple other platforms and streaming services.

Since August 2020, ACRONYM spent over $2.7 million communicating to Georgians online. Through our various programs, we:

  • Targeted a universe of 1.5 million Georgians, 95% of whom were people of color, to get out the vote.

  • Engaged an additional 350,000 low-turnout, younger Dem-leaning Georgians in the final stretch with tested pro-Biden, pro-Harris messages and measurably increased their enthusiasm to vote.

Our numbers show a significant amount of our target voters cast early ballots:

  • Ahead of polls closing on Election Day, we had already seen 745,000 Georgia of our target “mobilization” voters cast an early ballot. 63,000 of those were in Gwinnett County, and around 104,000 were in Dekalb.

  • 61,000 of those were in our lower-turnout Dem-leaning audience, the large majority of whom were unlikely to vote and never voted before.

—- More digital advertising data + analysis from our team below —–

Outside Group Presidential Facebook Spending in Georgia, 

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020


America First Policies: $243,200

American Bridge: $2,600

BlackPAC: $40,000

CAP Action Fund: $10,100

C’mte to Defend the President: $1,800

Lincoln Project: $135,400

NextGen America: $577

Preserve America PAC: $247,100

Priorities USA: $1,500

Republican Voters Against Trump: $70,900

Unite the Country: $13,400

Women VOTE!: $27,700

Biden v. Trump Facebook spending in Georgia,

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020 

BIDEN: $3,800,000

TRUMP: $6,800,000

The Trump campaign consistently outspent the Biden campaign in Georgia on Facebook, increasing the margin between the two rather heavily in the last few months. They’ve also been outspending the Biden campaign on Google in Georgia in the last few weeks, though by a smaller margin. This shows us that the Trump campaign is probably worried about potentially losing a state that used to be guaranteed red.

GA Cumulative Facebook Spending – Biden/Trump (since January 2020)

GA Cumulative Google Spending – Biden/Trump (since Oct. 2020)

GA Weekly FB Spending – Biden/Trump (since Jan. 2020)

GA Daily Google Spending – Biden/Trump (since Oct. 2020)


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