Wisconsin has been core to our map from the beginning, and wanted to share some of our data now that the dust has settled. Will be sharing what we saw in a few other states later today.

Some toplines:

Joe Biden won Wisconsin by 20,534 votes. From early vote numbers alone, we saw 215,458 early ballots cast by WI voters who ACRONYM and PACRONYM have been engaging online every day through our unprecedented 2020 programs. 

We spent over $4.6 million communicating to Wisconsinites online, beginning in August 2019.

This cycle, ACRONYM was the second-biggest online outside spender in Wisconsin in the presidential race – spending on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, OTT, and multiple other platforms and streaming services.

Our program in Wisconsin focused on white, non-college-educated, sporadic voters who were largely not being reached by the Biden campaign or other PACs and outside groups. We zeroed in on this audience of voters because even as they are traditionally harder to turn out to vote, they are more persuadable when reached with advertising and our 100% digital program validated that.

Since August 2019, we:

  • Reached a persuasion audience of 500,436 Wisconsinites with digital ad and boosted news content online every day for 15 months holding the President accountable, including 72,910 voters across Dane, Waukesha, and Brown Counties.

  • Engaged an additional 66,636 low-turnout Dem-leaning Wisconsinites in the final stretch with pro-Biden, pro-Harris ads, and boosted news that out in-field testing showed increased their enthusiasm to vote.

As of 11:00 a.m. on November 4th, 215,458 Wisconsinites across our turnout + persuasion audiences had already voted and had their votes counted, 50% of which either were very unlikely to vote or had never voted before (!!!). This is huge, especially when you look at Biden’s win margin, which landed at just over 20,534 votes.

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 FWIW, below our team has broken down some additional online spending research from Facebook + Google’s ad libraries:

Outside Group Presidential Campaign Facebook Spending in Wisconsin, 

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020


America First Policies: $543,800

American Bridge PAC: $572,500

CAP Action Fund: $373,900

Committee to Defend the President: $1,300

Lincoln Project: $132,900

NextGen America: $107,000

Preserve America PAC: $155,100

Priorities USA: $1,900,000

Republican Voters Against Trump: $831,200

Unite the Country: $176,600

Biden v Trump Presidential Campaign Facebook spending in Wisconsin, 

Jan 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2020

Biden: $4,200,000

Trump: $3,900,000

On Facebook in the past year, Biden’s cumulative spending of $4.2m outpaced Trump’s $3.9m, and outside groups have only widened that spending gap on Facebook for Biden. In the final sprint towards election day, Trump outspent Biden on Google $1.64m to $1.45m.

WI Cumulative Facebook Spending – Biden/Trump (since Jan. 2020)

Final Stretch WI Total Google Spending – Biden/Trump (Oct. 9, 2020 – Election Day)

WI Weekly FB Spending – Biden/Trump (since Jan. 2020)

Final Stretch WI Daily Google Spending – Biden/Trump (Oct. 9th, 2020 – Election Day)

Outside groups played a critical role in the race for Wisconsin, spending a cumulative $5.8m on Facebook this year.

WI Cumulative FB Spending – Outside Groups (since Jan. 2020)

WI Cumulative FB Spending by Group – Outside Groups (since Jan. 2020)


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