ACRONYM is an organization committed to building political power and digital infrastructure for the progressive movement. We design and deploy strategic media, advertising and organizing programs to advance this mission and develop resources and trainings to empower other progressive organizations and campaigns to leverage digital tools, tactics and platforms to reach, inspire and mobilize people to take civic and political action. We believe in integrity, innovation, radical honesty, creative and measurable impact — and infuse those values into every program and partnership we take on.

Digital Copywriter (Contract)

We’re looking for a Copywriter who knows how to manifest words that captivate and move the hearts and minds of American voters. In this role, you’d be responsible for developing a distinctive voice for a variety of paid social media campaigns and writing compelling copy for a wide range of digital assets and content.

You’ll work directly with the Content Director and a team of Producers, Editors, and Designers to marry words with visuals across a variety of social media and digital platforms, primarily Facebook and Instagram. Interested? Click here to apply!

Contract length:

We’re looking for a Digital Copywriter who can work with us from now until July 31, 2020, with opportunity for extension.

What we expect of all of our creatives:

  • You’re unafraid to question convention and love blue sky brainstorming. You always ask “what if,” and aren’t shy about bringing fresh ideas to the table even when you’re not asked to.
  • You have a deep understanding of pop culture, Internet culture, digital video, and social media platforms from YouTube to TikTok, and how people consume digital content.
  • You have a proven track record of being a team player, collaborating with other teams and a variety of stakeholders to ensure full understanding of creative and strategic objectives, to execute projects accurately, and deliver them on time.
  • You have a nimble and flexible attitude as project needs and deadlines can and will be dynamic.
  • You are unfazed by a fast-paced, high stakes environment with fast turnaround times. You’re comfortable code-switching frequently and juggling multiple projects at one time.
  • You’re a scrappy and resourceful problem solver who proactively seeks out answers.
  • You have good sensibility and judgment for what is and is not culturally appropriate.
  • You don’t have an ego. You have strong opinions, loosely held.
  • You’re kind.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Work collaboratively with a team of creatives to develop, pitch, and produce integrated social media and digital-first content for our paid media campaigns. While you’ll work on some organic content, the bulk of your responsibility will be paid content (primarily post copy, :15s, and static graphics, but also occasional :06s and :30s).
  • Craft compelling copy for a wide variety of digital content, including but not limited to social posts, video scripts, static ads, display ads, and websites.
  • Regularly brainstorm and pitch new ideas, but also get them down on paper, and take action on them.
  • Work together with Content Producers and Editors to write video concepts and help refine scripts through the production process
  • Collaborate with designers to write copy for static graphics, GIFs, display ads, etc.
  • Write engaging social post copy, primarily for Facebook, that elevates the accompanying digital content.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on writing, developing brand voice guidelines for campaigns, proofreading, copy editing, punching up copy, and otherwise helping others refine their creative writing chops.

Skills and qualifications:

  • This particular role requires direct political experience. You’ve at least worked through at least one election cycle for a political campaign, independent expenditure, or organization, writing social and digital copy. You understand and appreciate the nuances of political strategy, what moves the needle, and what might cause backlash.
  • You’ve worked directly on paid digital media campaigns, writing social media post copy, and making mobile-first short-form content.
  • You know how to manifest a variety of voices, tones, and approaches in your writing. We love snark and humor, but sometimes we need something heartfelt or just straight-up informational.
  • You have serious scriptwriting chops. You know how to develop multiple concepts against a single brief and turn them into scripts.
  • You know how to tell a story and how to break down complicated topics into interesting, easy-to-understand concepts.
  • You know how to fold data and analytics insights into your work and adjust it as needed.
  • You’re accustomed to collaborating fluidly across a number of digital communication platforms, including email, Slack, Asana,, Google Docs, and video conferencing.
  • You’re #teamoxfordcomma.

Big plus if you have:

  • Multilingual fluency, particularly Spanish.
  • Fluency in meme and animated GIF culture and experience making them.


Along with your resume, please include a website, portfolio, work samples, or reel demonstrating your previous work. If you’ve only had the opportunity to work on traditional political ads or on creatively safe projects, that’s OK — show us what you do when no one is looking, what hits the cutting room floor, spec work, or your personal passion projects to show us what you can really do.


Contract rate starting at: $7,500/month

The contract rate will be commensurate with experience. We believe in compensating hard work, talent and innovation, especially because of our progressive values, not despite them.  This can be a remote position but prefer NYC or Washington DC.

Interested? Click here to submit your application. You look forward to hearing from you!

ACRONYM is a 501(c)4 digital campaign lab and an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, those with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly urged to apply. Applicants shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical conditions.