Campaigns are more online than ever, and the dramatic shift to campaigning online is going to last far beyond the COVID-19 quarantines. While the private sector has been using influencer marketing to sell products for years, campaigns have been relatively slow to build influencer partnerships into digital programs. And for good reason — how are digital staffers supposed to get campaigns to invest in something new when getting budget for the digital basics is still an uphill battle?

Here’s the thing though — large campaign or small, an influencer program should be a non-negotiable part of your strategy. When done right, it is *absurdly* cost effective, reaches beyond your echo chamber, builds trust in your campaign’s brand, grows your social audience, and gives you original creative and targeted distribution all in one package. Influencer partnerships are also a great way to put money into the communities you care about instead of giving it to Facebook and Google.

If you’re new to influencer marketing or if you just want to learn more, here are all the reasons not to overlook this tactic — and how to get it done. Get your copy of the Influencer Toolkit through the button below:


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