New York Times: Bringing a ‘Broad City’ Approach to Energizing the Youth Vote

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“A lot of the celebrity engagement is really overproduced and watered down, and what we usually see on campaigns are highly produced, direct-to-camera videos for surrogates,” said Tara McGowan, the founder of Pacronym. “They don’t hit a cultural nerve the way their actual work does that made them influential.”

With “Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth,” Ms. Glazer and Ms. McGowan are hoping to lead with what would draw in viewers — Ms. Glazer’s manic brand of comedy — and, eventually, get to the campaign.”

The New York Times profiled PACRONYM’s “Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth” targeted web series with Ilana Glazer + Generator Collective, and how the groups plan to reach young voters in key states. Read the full story here. 

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