Driving online voter registration in 2018

A CRONYM made unprecedented investments in digital programs in 2018 to drive online voter registrations in order to expand the voting electorate and make a lasting impact. While many organizations focused on mobilizing current voters to the polls, ACRONYM went step beyond that by building new tools and launching historic campaigns to get more voters onto the rolls and encourage them to turn out using proven relational organizing strategies.

Read more about our 2018 $3 million online voter registration program in CNN.

We know that 2018 has the power to be a wave election. But if we really want to make a difference, we need to build relationships that last beyond this November. Through our Knock the Vote program, we’re pushing the envelope and deploying innovative, creative messages to apathetic and infrequent voters who are fed up with the Trump Administration, with the goal of getting them to show up to the polls this year and learning what motivates them so we can keep them coming back.

Through ACRONYM’s Show Up to Vote program, we’re deploying innovative digital ad strategies and content across multiple platforms to voters nationwide urging them to commit to vote and show up at the polls on Election Day. Show Up to Vote will explore which digital strategies are the most effective in driving voters through the polls and what content breaks through leading up to Election Day.

ACRONYM is leading the digital ad strategy for Our Lives, Our Vote, a coalition of anti-gun-violence organizations focused on registering 50,000 teenagers across battleground states in advance of the 2018 elections. We know that young people are communicating, organizing and engaging online, so we are delivering ads and tools that make it easier to use those platforms to register to vote and encourage them to get their friends registered as well.

ACRONYM’s first-of-its-kind voter registration tool


This cycle, ACRONYM developed a first-of-its-kind voter registration tool that creates a more seamless experience for voters looking to register online and leverages relational organizing strategies to get more unregistered voters on the rolls.

We know that friends and trusted messengers are the best way to break through to less-likely voters, so ACRONYM has developed groundbreaking technology that enables voters to check their friends’ voter registration statuses without having to download an app. Through our strategic digital targeting and relational organizing expertise, we are making sure that technology reaches the right voters across the country to maximize their impact and the impact of their friends this Election Day and for elections to come.