This report, produced alongside our former colleagues and friends at The Voter Formation Project, outlines granular results, topline takeaways, and lessons learned from our $12.5 million Expanding the Electorate 2020 program. It’s a first-of-its-kind look at a large scale digital advertising program in the registration and mobilization space, and we hope you’ll enjoy digging into it as much as we did pulling it together. Here are a few of the toplines:

  • Voters of color in key states who received our mobilization and registration ads online were more likely to vote.
  • Our randomized control trials found positive, statistically significant effects for increasing turnout among certain groups, particularly among African American first-time voters.
  • We found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that different types of creative performed better on different platforms. For instance, more culturally competent, edgy creative performed best on Snapchat, while ads featuring “selfie-style” videos were more cost-effective on YouTube.
  • While we saw positive registration and mobilization lift among Black voters across the board, we did see negative movement among some subgroups, including Latina women in Texas.

This important program work is continuing on through the work of the Voter Formation Project, led by former ACRONYM Sr. Advisor Tatenda Musapatike, and we are so proud of our team’s role running this impactful program over the past two years.

You can view the white paper at the Voter Formation Project here, or download the report below:


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