Tis the season! 🎁 The holidays are a time for reflection, and what better way to express your appreciation for your loved ones than with gifts they’ll absolutely love. Or maybe you plan on getting your problematic uncle something passive-aggressive to spice up this year’s family gathering. Or you just want to end #TreatYoSelf2019 with something nice that’ll also support a cause you love. Whatever your intention, getting one of these gifts also means you’re also financially contributing to the progressive movement.


1. PACRONYM: Impeach pin

Your partner in crime can put it on their jacket, their sweater, their hand-knit beanie from grandma, or anywhere they want to stick it to Trump. 


2. Vote.org: VOTE hats

Sometimes the simplest message is the most compelling. Plus, these hats come in colors you’ll be happy to wear, instead of embarrassing racist red. You know the one.


3. PACRONYM: GTFO Trump tote bag

Help your loved ones save the environment AND kick Trump out of office. Good for groceries, the side dish you’re bringing to your office holiday potluck, and protest gear.


4. Planned Parenthood: Stainless steel water bottle

Fighting for women’s rights when a serial rapist lives in the White House is hard work. Make sure to stay hydrated and support an organization doing critical work for women in underserved communities.


5. PACRONYM: M🍑45 shirt

Everyone ❤️s NY, but New York’s least favorite landlord needs to be evicted from the White House. 


6. Emily’s List: BORN TO RUN baby onesie

Whether there’s half a dozen screaming kids at your holiday family gathering or one darling angel, they all need to know early that their government belongs to them. And when your favorite tot is ready to lead, she can look back and know her community has always had her back.


7. PACRONYM: Im🍑 his 🍑 tote bag

Your extremely racist relative doesn’t know how to use emojis. Pull up to the family potluck with this so that when they ask what your bag says, you can give them THE most satisfying answer.


8. TIME’S UP: Time’s Up ceramic pins

TIME’S 👏 UP 👏. Everyone knows too many powerful men have abused their influence to take advantage of too many women. Enough is enough.


9. PACRONYM: Make Presidents Great Again shirt

Remember when Trump wasn’t lying or taking advantage of the American taxpayer for personal benefit? Remember when you when you went days – no, WEEKS – without thinking about what the President was doing at any given moment? 


10. United State of Women equal pay totes

Secure the bag, secure equal pay for equal work. The holidays are a time when everyone wants to celebrate their loved ones, but until women, and especially women of color, are guaranteed equal pay, Americans cannot celebrate equally.


11. PACRONYM: Lock Him Up shirt

When you do the crime you gotta do the time. And man has Trump committed so, so many crimes. He wants to make the American people cover for his corruption, so let’s make sure that he, for the first time in his long, crime-riddled life, faces long overdue justice.


12. 2020 Emotional Support Animal Collar

It’s gonna be a ruff year. Your loved ones provide you with so much joy, but sometimes your four-legged friend gives you that little something extra that keeps you fighting on. 

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