Fast Company: The Democratic operative who beat Trump on Facebook is bracing for the war ahead

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“I’m very outspoken about the fact that I think a counter-media infrastructure on the left is mission-critical. Progressives need to be able to drive their narratives and their facts and their stories and their values to Americans where they get their information. They cannot rely on the existing media ecosystem to do that for them. And they, frankly, have relied on the existing media to do that, which is clearly insufficient.

That does not mean creating your own infrastructure to gaslight Americans the way the right has done. We can do it and we can win on facts and values. It’s just a market problem, not a moral dilemma: How do you get paid for that?

ACRONYM made digital outreach central to our fight against disinformation from the right — and how we’re looking to fight in an information war that won’t end anytime soon. Read Fast Company’s conversation with McGowan.

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