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Introducing the Voter Formation Project

By March 17, 2021 No Comments

Since our founding in 2017, ACRONYM has pushed the envelope to drive innovation and investment in the online voter registration space, establishing new best practices for organizations running digital voter registration programs at scale. In the 2020 cycle alone, we spent over $11 million on our nonpartisan Expanding the Electorate program to reach, register, and mobilize voters of color across eight states. Deploying digital marketing and advertising best practices on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram among others, this long-term, test-responsive program resulted in over 120,000 new voter registrations and over 57,000 voters making a plan to vote. 

We are proud of the work we did to not only expand the electorate in key states over the past few years, but also in the new precedents our team has helped to set when it comes to running smart, data-driven and transparent online programs, and building digital infrastructure that lasts beyond those programs. It is in that spirit that we are thrilled to announce that this critical work is going to continue under the leadership of Tatenda Musapatike, who has led these programs at ACRONYM for the past two years, through a new organization she has founded, The Voter Formation Project.

This new non-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit will build on the data, impact and learnings of the work our team has done these past four years, to continue changing the way we register and mobilize under-represented communities online.

The Voter Formation Project plans to achieve its mission through three main tactics:

  1. Create digital programs designed to increase voter participation among under-served and under-represented communities.
  2. Build and democratize voter registration and mobilization technology for mission-aligned community based non-profits.
  3. Expand knowledge about the efficacy of digital tactics for community-based organizations working with BIPOC communities.

The crux of this work will tap into the fullest potential of social media platforms’ targeting and content production tools to reach new voters. VFP will target unregistered, BIPOC individuals with compelling, culturally relevant digital ads that take these future voters to a website where they can seamlessly register and make a plan to vote. As part of our incubation support of this new endeavor, ACRONYM has provided VFP with the proprietary technology we built to power our online voter registration and mobilization programs, ensuring VFP can continue the work we started with this community’s generous support, and take it to the next level. 

Along the way, the Voter Formation Project will continue to partner with allied organizing groups, sharing technology and best practices to bridge the work they’re doing online with their work on the ground. In 2021, the Project will make sure that voter registration and mobilization programs fully integrate and leverage the potential of digital outreach. 

While this new organization will be independent from ACRONYM, our incubation of this work is another example of how our organization continues to fulfill its mission of building lasting digital infrastructure for the progressive movement. We are proud and excited to support Tatenda as she makes her vision for scaling this critical work a reality and will be cheering her team on along the way.

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